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By admin | May 22, 2007

Some of you have asked about how to change the default subdomain in for your own domain.

First of all we have to make our new domain or subdomain to point to the server.

To do this action we need a domain using a DNS that allows A registers or CNAME registers. Then we have to point the A registers or CNAME registers registers to

Which is the CNAME we have to enter?

The CNAME to use is

Which is the A register to use?

The A register is server IP:

Once we’ve changed the A, or CNAME register we must login in our administration panel in

We have to tell our Biwoo account which is it’s new name. We just click in URL and we enter the new URL in the textbox that appears below.

It takes some time for the DNS register to update, but once your new DNS registry has been updated you will be able to reach your account with your new domain, and if you use your old Biwoo subdomain it will redirect to your new domain.

And if I use a subdomain?

If you are using a subdomain the steps are just the same, you just have to enter your subdomain as your new name.

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